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Rouge Coco Stylo / CHANEL
Rouge Coco Stylo
Purchased one of the most popular shades, 216. It's a pretty bold shade but will probably match any skin color. It's a gentle, but cute, versatile pink! Probably great for any season (^^) It's a very soft stick and glides on. It feels light on the lips and doesn't feel sticky, I almost forget that I'm wearing anything. But, it can be a little drying? It looks super glossy and moisturized but after a while it turns semi matte, then matte. Rather than a glossy look, a matte look is more in trend I guess. The color lasts pretty long. It's so pigmented! One single coat is enough to cover your natural lip color. What I don't like though is the weird flavor when I accidentally taste it. It tastes really weird? This doesn't happen to me a lot when I use other lipsticks. haha I also don't like the packaging. For a chanel product, it doesn't look very expensive. I really really love this shade, but it didn't make me want other shades.
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