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lash version up a / ettusais
lash version up a
I wanted a colored mascara and bought this. To give off a trendy, effortless vibe, I don't curl my lashes with a curler and instead use this red mascara base on the center. The color is sheer with 1, 2 layers and with more, it turns to a bold red. It might be the way I'm applying this but it's a little hard to separate my lashes. Also, the comb doesn't reach to the inner or outer core eyelashes and it's a little hard to apply. It keeps curls for a long time, but because of that when I mess up, it's really hard to adjust thing. I recommend this since you can use this as both a base and mascara, depending on how many layers you can try out different looks, it doesn't come off, and even when it does, it's red and just looks like I meant for it to bleed and to look smudged.
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