Moistbalance Lotion / ACSEINE
Moistbalance Lotion / ACSEINE
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The instant you work it in, it practically transforms into a natural part of the skin, penetrating deep into the epidermis. This long-lasting toner has a light, smooth texture that does not feel sticky, yet keeps cares for the skin all day, from morning to night. Uses "Ultra Micro Nano Encapsulation Technology" that has the smallest capsules in the cosmetics industry. Contains ultra-micro ingredients that excel at retaining moisture in the skin. It fills the spaces between the cells of the stratum corneum, delivering moisture deep into the skin for long lasting hydration. It uses "Cellvance Techonology," a new technique that fills the keratin cells with moisture to keep the skin's barrier in good condition. With continued use, it brings out the skin's original clarity, firmness, and brightness. Contains hyaluronic acid to capture moisture on the surface of the skin and diglycerin to lock it within the outer layer of the skin. The fully hydrated sensation lasts as long as you have the product on. Low-irritation, non-comedogenic tested. *At 10-30nm in size, the Ultra Micro Nano Capsules are smaller than the gaps between the cells in the stratum corneum (40-60nm).

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