Concentrated Brightening Body Serum / clé de peau BEAUTÉ
Concentrated Brightening Body Serum / clé de peau BEAUTÉ
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Shiseido International


clé de peau BEAUTÉ




Daily Body Care

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This skin brightening body serum has whitening action that helps control the production of melanin and prevent the formation of age spots and freckles. It leaves the skin filled with moisture and illuminated from within for a brighter complexion. Works deep within the skin to control excessive melanin production. Its fresh, comfortable sensation sinks softly into skin damaged by dryness and sun exposure, restoring texture and suppleness to the skin. Evens out the skin tone, giving the skin a translucent, refreshed, youthful look. It smells refreshing and gorgeous, with notes of natural rose and subtle lotus blossom. (OTC product)

  • Concentrated Brightening Body Serum
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