Squalane / HABA
Squalane / HABA
Squalane / HABA
Squalane / HABA
Squalane / HABA
Squalane / HABA
Squalane / HABA
Product Information


HABA Laboratories




30ml 2,500yen


Milk Lotion & Serum

Product Description

Released November, 1983. Processed multiple times to remove impurities, this highly pure cosmetic oil is made from 100% pure ingredients. Its stabilized ingredients are safe from oxidation and oil staining. It sinks into the skin with such a non-greasy, light, smooth texture that you won't believe it's an oil. After applying your moisturizing toner, apply a drop of this squalane oil in place of your emulsion or cream and gently work it into the skin. As squalane is naturally found in the skin, it is deeply involved in the skin's moisture barrier to protect from dryness and irritation. It protects the skin's hydration and fullness, as well as working to reduce the appearance of fine lines caused by dryness. Efficacy tested. (DRC comparison) 15ml / 30ml / 60ml / 120ml

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