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Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil
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My friend told me that she got rid of all her skin troubles using this item, and I didn't quite believe her, but with a twinge of hope I bought it. I've used it for about half a month now, and my acne is gone. I used to have 2-3 zits at any given time, which was so annoying, but they were gone before I knew it! I also received a notification from an app telling me it's my premenstrual week, and I noticed that my skin isn't irritated! (lol) One downside is that it's expensive, but when you buy at Costco, you can buy it quite cheap, so I think I'll buy it at Costco if I ever decide to buy it again. I no longer have to wash my face twice, so that's a good point too!
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I've seen dermatologists say you have to avoid friction or excess contanct when you're trying to take care of your skin, like when you do touch your skin it has to be under 40 seconds. So I use an oil cleanser. Products in the other series use mineral oil as their base, so I can't stand paying 3000 yen for such a thing (I don't see what's different from the ones they sell in the drugstore for 1000 yen). This one uses plant oil and 2 types of synthetic ester as its base, providing good makeup removal without taking too much sebum and making your skin feel dry. And I like that, so I use this only when I apply something else other than a thick primer and a powder foundation. It is a good product, but is so pricey. I would have to buy so many moisturizers to nourish my skin if I applied so much makeup everyday that I needed this type of cleanser, and I don't have the money for that!! I like its unique scent and the package, so I've repurchased this product many times.
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I saw good reviews on the internet and in magazines, so I bought it at a duty-free shop, and used it last summer. It is a smooth, non-sticky oil. It removes makeup quickly without drying the skin or getting sticky. It felt very nice. But it did no more than that. I didn't see any additional effects on my skin, like cleaning deep inside the pores or getting rid of skin irritation. So I didn't think it was worth the price, and didn't bother to buy it again when it ran out. I may buy it again if I have a chance, but for now, I'm thinking I can get a cheaper product for the same results.
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Lately I've been feeling like my normal skin care routine is missing something, so I bought the small size bottle to try. It gets makeup off well, and after I emulsify it and rinse it off, it even seems to have removed the rough, flaky areas that my skin sometimes gets. It doesn't need to be double cleansed, and I like how convenient that is. My skin didn't feel dry anymore after I rinsed off. I do like how it feels to use, but I've got small hands, and three pumps of product is too much, so it spills and gets wasted, but if I only use 2, then I need to apply it and then get one more. I'm a little bothered by how expensive it is, but I'm totally satisfied with the results.
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I feel like this doesn't really need yet another review on @cosme haha Anyway, Shu Uemura is always great for cleansers and removers, but this one works no matter what condition my skin is in. Any obviously it gets makeup off really well. This is like the pinnacle of what a cleanser can be. Thank youuuu!
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今更口コミの必要も無い気もしますが 笑




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