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Yves Saint Laurent Beaute
Rouge Volupte Shine
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I can completely recommend it, since I really like the natural makeup look. My skin color is yellow-base, with a fair complexion, and my lips don't have much color. I have color #43. At the store, I thought it might be a little too flashy, but when I tried it on, it looked really nice and natural, and my complexion looked brighter overall. It totally goes with the natural look. It's like, it's really not too bright or vivid, it makes my skin look brighter, everything I want. You don't need to put it on in a special way, although it's a little better with the YSL lip primer. I think the color lasts long enough. It comes off a bit when you eat, but through normal wear it'll get you into the evening. I've never been a lipstick wearer, but when I found this one, I realized I couldn't do without it.
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I've got #15, 49, and 51. #15 Corail Intuitive It goes without saying that this is a princess fantasy lip color. It seemed like a safe color, so I bought it. This pink coral color would probably go with anyone. It's a bit sheer, but it's just about right. It's the one I use the most. # 49 Rose Saint Germain A deep cherry pink. It's got a little blue tint. It looks a bit like a bright fluorescent pink, but when I put it on I was surprised at how translucent it was. But if you apply too much, it's a bit overpowering. # 51 Rose Saharienne This is super cute. It's a bluish milky pink. I was a good purchase because this kind of blue-tinted milky pink doesn't look like many other brands. I think it might look good on light-skinned people? I bought 51 first, and it felt so lovely that I bought more. It's glossy, and doesn't irritate me's the best.
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#15 コライユインテュイティブ

#49 ローズサンジェルマン

#51 ローズサハリエンヌ

I have #15, 30, 31, 41, and 43, and they all go on smooth, with good pigmentation. I'm a yellow/beige spring complexion, so 15 is too close to my natural skin color, which means it just doesn't pop. 30 is an orange-ish light pink, so it brightens my whole face, which means I wear it a lot. 31 is a light pink that makes me look a little sickly. I might be able to use it in the summer, but I feel like it's not meant for me. 41 is a brighter version of 31, so it's not quite enough color, but it goes well with a coral color of gloss. 43 goes well with my skin tone, so it's easy for me to use. When my lips are chapped, it tends to move around easily, so I use the Maximizer as a base and then apply this to give it better staying power, although I still have to reapply it.
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My shade is the limited edition #38 Kiss in Beige. I went to look for a pink lipstick from Yves Saint Lauren. I normally only use red lipsticks, so I didn't know where to buy one, but the cute packaging and the mango fragrance got me. Also this doesn't irritate my lips, and it lasts quite a long time. There are so many pink shades... The beauty adviser chose some shades for me, and #38 was among them. This shade is truly natural pink. On my lips it becomes a little translucent, so I guess that's is the ""Beige"" from the name. It seems like a beige shade with a subtle pink undertone, and it creates natural lips. This is my first pink lipstick, so I decided to buy this versatile one. It is sheer, hydrating, and it looks so pretty. It is a little subtle, so it might be boring to some people. Please give it a try if you’re looking for a natural shade.
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I had been eyeing this since it had good reviews, and I finally bought it. I got shade #38. I also wanted the popular #15, but this is more red and seemed to brighten my skin tone. It glides on smoothly and has great smell and pigmentation. I’m applying Dior’s Lip Maximizer before I apply this. When you pair these two, they create lasting, hydrated lips. The packaging is also cute and fashionable. It makes me happy just to carry this in my bag.
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