I'm using Pansy Pop (lavender shade). I used to use pink blushes but the pink didn't blend very well with my skin color and I felt I'm doing this wrong..? so I went to the counter at Clinique. I would have never chose a lavender shade and at first I thought, really? but when I applied this on my face, it blended really well. It doesn't look bold but keeps your cheeks flushed very naturally.
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自分では絶対選ばないラベンダー色だったので、初めは えっ?と思ったのですが、顔にのせてみるととても良く馴染みました。顔から浮かないけどしっかり血色が良くなります。
Purchased Pansy Pop♪ I went to see Melon Pop but the blue ish pink Pansy was perfect for my fair skin (^-^) At first glance, it's a very vivid lavender so I had no plans buying this but when I had it applied to my face, it brightened my skin and made me look naturally flushed ♪ The blue ish pink isn't too "young" and it's very delicate and cute, perfect for a lady! The pearls aren't too bold and not too shimmery, probably because it's not a dolly white ish pink. Pansy Pop is a really versatile cheek and if you lightly brush this on your whole face in the morning, it's an instant brightener. Can't wait to use this from tomorrow ♪♪
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I really wanted the 08 shade Melon Pop and I had enough points on @cosme so I went ahead and bought it. It's so cute and adorable! The shade is close to an orange but it's very subtle and on the cheeks it shows up pink with a bit of coral. The blush itself is shaped as a flower and it's very cute. The formula feels a little hard, but if you take enough on a brush it shows up. It probably matches with a brown eyeshadow so perfect for work, too.
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I received Melon Pop as a gift for my birthday. Though it has good pigmentation, it blends in well without the color sticking out. I really liked that, so I decided to buy Pansy Pop too. Pansy Pop looks purple, but when applied it gives great luminosity. I wear Melon Pop when I want a natural finish, and Pansy Pop on holidays. I have a feeling Pansy Pop would suit fur coat and white sweater, so I'm really excited about it. It gives pigmentation with a little amount, so it's a good value.
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I bought 15 Pansy Pop. Since my face has a deep contour, it gets shady on some spots and makes me look tired. I was wearing coral shade on my cheeks often, and recently realized that that was making my face look too flashy... So I decided to try this blush that's supposed to give luminosity! It actually made my face look more natural :) Thanks to this blush, I can now wear deeper lip color more naturally. I'm definitely buying again when I hit the pan on it.
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そこで透明感の出るこちらのチークを試すことに!すると濃ゆい顔が少し薄くなった印象になりました( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
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