Purchased 9477. It's a warm slightly reddish brown color like chocolate. It's just so pigmented! The color it looks in the tube is exactly what it looks on my lips. It is moisturizing, but I always wear a primer. The brown is very bold so when I want a more natural look, I tap the product on with my fingers and when I want a bold look, I just slap it on my lips. The packaging is really cool too. The cap is magnetic? It shuts immediately and there's no way the cap would come off in my pouch so that's good! I also use this for eyeshadow. You might think what? but this is a brown shade so you can apply a thin layer as a matte shadow. It's not powder so it won't budge and I like how it makes my lids puffy in a very trendy way.
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My first products from NARS. Purchased 9463, 9453. The packaging caught my eye haha. The matte black, and the magnetic cap. It looks really cool. 9463 says its rose but it's actually a very natural beige. Perfect for a subtle lip. It does enhance the vertical lines on my lips though. 9453 is a cool blue hue pink. It might look like a bold purple ish pink in the ads, but it's not. I tried this out at the counter and fell in love. It's such a cute color. I think it's perfect for anyone with pale skin. NARS is awesome! It even moisturizes someone with dry and chapped lips like me. The color in the tube is exactly the color on my lips. It volumizes my lips. One coat is enough. And last long. And the packaging is awesome! I've used Dior, Yves Saint Lauren, Chanel, Jill Stuart, and NARS is my favorite now. It lasts long and a single coat is enough, so I think you get a lot of product for this price.
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With one coat, it shows up very pigmented and the texture is perfect. It finishes the entire look. It really lasts long so even after meals, you don't have to touch up your lips. At first I thought such a bold, pigmented color would dry out my lips, but it didn't do that at all so I'm glad I bought this. Definitely recommend!
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This will not fade away. It just won't. When I drink, the lipstick transfers on the cup, but my lips look the way it was before. It seeps into the vertical lines of my lips, so when I remove my makeup, I have to do my lips twice. I have to make sure it never transfers on my clothes... It's very pigmented so one coat would do, and it's very bold. There's some milky shades and all of them come out the way it looks. I think it's perfect for matching your makeup with your clothes. I thought applying with a brush would create the perfect texture, but to have a bold look, I think it's better to just apply from the tube. Also the matte texture isn't drying at all. I have very dry and chapped lips so I always have to moisturize, but this didn't need any fiddling around. It won't come off so you can layer anything on top, but I don't even have to do that so it's nice. This is one of my holy grails and I want to try out some other shades, too.
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