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Pure Color Envy Lipstick
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I found my true love lipstick. For a long time, I have been using sheer lipsticks but as the years gone by, I found nude lipsticks tend to make me look ill. Matte lipsticks are so in and I started looking for different lipsticks. YSL's volupte shine oil lips were patchy and dryed my lips up so bad so I was looking for a creamy and pigmented lipstick that stays on the lips. This lipstick feels really good on the lips and the second I tried it, I feel in love with the pigmentation!! I have the shade 410, it's a very gentle rose color but on the lips, it's a very pop pink and brightens up my face. What I really loved about this lipstick is that it plumps and brings volume to my lips. With just this product it has a matte finish, and looks beautiful with a lip gloss layered on top. Perfect for anyone looking for an elegant lip.
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I saw the ad for this estee lauder lipstick in magazines a couple of times so I bought the Christmas edition. I got the shade 23, "eccentric". It feels extremely creamy on my lips. The pigmentation is really good and it has a sweet vanilla scent. I feel more feminine! The packaging is really pretty and I love the black and gold. Shade 23 is really pink so I don't use the product directly on my lips and I tap it on my lips and blur it out with my fingers. It looks really natural when I do that. The lipstick is cut pretty sharp so it's perfect for reaching the corners!(*^^*)
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I purchased the shade 04 Envious. I can't wear red lipstick at my workplace so I chose this shade. This shade might not be for women working in offices because it's such a deep red. The color stays a little bit even when I eat. I think it's a semi matte finish. When I apply with a lip brush it can be dry and the red was too clear and I had to keep my other makeup a little thicker. But when I place it on the center of my lips and use a lip brush to blend it out, the red wasn't too clear and it was perfect. I love the smell of this, probably like a faint vanilla scent? I don't really like my lipsticks to have a strong scent but I like this one. I want to try the other shades too.
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