Right after putting this primer on, it feels super smooth and when I use Maquillage's powder foundation on top, it has the perfect finish. But for someone like me with super oily skin, my makeup doesn't stay on. It's not like it completely comes off but the acne scars I covered in the morning are all obvious. ・ ・ What I didn't like the most was how I couldn't find a liquid foundation to use with. For example, I tried using RMK's Gel Creamy Foundation with both Maquillage's primer and Primavista's primer and Primavista was better. Maquillage would settle into my pores and would enhance uneven skin surfaces. There was no such thing with Prima... I think Maquillage's primer can only show its best effect with a product from the same series. If you can't decide between Maquillage and Prima Vista, I recommend Prima Vista.
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I have very oily skin and I was looking for a primer to prevent oily shine and makeup from smudging. I was thinking of Prima and Cezanne, and those felt drying and made my face feel tight, but Maquillage felt more smooth. I sweat a lot in this season so it's not like my makeup would be perfect but it wouldn't be terribly oily and I don't have that oily shine. So if there aren't any other primers I want to use, I'll buy this again.
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I have been using this since last summer. This is my 2nd one. I think a lot of people can't decide between this and Primavista's primer, and Primavista is more smooth and Maquillage is a bit more moisturizing. I think for people who spend a lot of time outside should use Primavista. I like Maquillage better because I stay indoors and I'm worried about excess oil and drying from the AC. My nose would have an oily shine by the afternoon, but it doesn't really mind me. If you really don't want that shine, use Smooth Cover (silicone primer) before to fill out all pores and prevent any excess oil. Then, use primer for the perfect smooth finish. You'll only have to use a tissue to dab off some oil in the afternoon. I use 1 bottle in about 3 months.
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With the primer I used to use, I was starting to get really annoyed with how my foundation would come up, but since I started using this as a primer, I haven't had that problem at all. Even the places above my smile lines where my makeup used to crease, with this base my foundation goes on and stays looking lovely all day. When I think of trying other bases, I just end up coming right back to this. I can't use anything other than this.
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I used to use Jill's serum base. However, a foundation started to fall into my pores when I reached my late 20s. I changed skin care items and started to use vitamin C to minimize pores, yet the foundation kept falling in pores. It had annoyed me. I got a sample when I bought Maquillage powder foundation and tried it. No fall in pores at all, and oily shine seems suppressed. It has smooth and comfortable texture. I will buy it.
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