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When I went to buy some skin care products from Chanel, I found the new shade 227 Coral Pink. On my hand, the orange looked too bold but one of the store ladies were wearing the same shade and it was so pretty, I had it tried on me. When it's on the lips, the pink softly show and the orange in this shade wasn't bold at all, and was the perfect coral pink shade. I have yellow based skin so it matched me really well and brightened my face. The gloss is elegant and I bought this instantly. It's been like 5 years since the last time I really fell in love with a lipstick. Definitely buying the same shade when I run out!
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Purchased one of the most popular shades, 216. It's a pretty bold shade but will probably match any skin color. It's a gentle, but cute, versatile pink! Probably great for any season (^^) It's a very soft stick and glides on. It feels light on the lips and doesn't feel sticky, I almost forget that I'm wearing anything. But, it can be a little drying? It looks super glossy and moisturized but after a while it turns semi matte, then matte. Rather than a glossy look, a matte look is more in trend I guess. The color lasts pretty long. It's so pigmented! One single coat is enough to cover your natural lip color. What I don't like though is the weird flavor when I accidentally taste it. It tastes really weird? This doesn't happen to me a lot when I use other lipsticks. haha I also don't like the packaging. For a chanel product, it doesn't look very expensive. I really really love this shade, but it didn't make me want other shades.
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気になるのは、口にうっかり入った時に口紅独特の体に悪そうな味が…笑 他の口紅ではあまり気になったことがないんですが、こちらを使っている時はよく変な味を感じます。笑
I was looking for a very bright red and shade 206 was recommended to me. It's super pigmented so if you're into bold makeup, this is perfect. The lipstick itself is really slim so it's super easy to apply. It's shiny but comes off pretty easily so if you can't reapply your lipstick often during the day, I wouldn't recommend this. For me though, I loved the shade and the texture.
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My first CHANEL! I'm so happy! Purchased shade 206. I was actually going for 202 but I fell in love with the 206 later and the store was so busy, I just went ahead and bought it straight away! I saw the ad in a magazine and was really interested in the unique stick packaging. You need to be careful about twisting the product too up though, because it doesn't go back in. Shade 206 is a vibrant red and if you apply straight from the stick, for me it looks too bold so I take the product with my fingers and lightly tap it in my lips. Some people are saying you don't need a base before this but for me, it's a little drying so I moisturize before I apply. I just love this lipstick and I can only wear this on my day offs, but I'm so glad I bought it (o^^o)
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Purchased shade 214 Message. I love red lipsticks so I chose this shade. This is a very calm, darker red but blends with your skin and I love it (*^^*). It glides on to my lips and it's comfortable to wear. It's very pigmented so one coat will do. It lasts long and makes my lips look moisturized and supple (^O^). The packaging is very slim and compact so it doesn't take too much space in my hand bag and it's perfect.
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214 メサージュ購入です。

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