Shade #312 poppy. It's a very bright red. Very pretty color. You can adjust the amount. It's a little matte, and I like it, but I felt it was drying so I always need gloss. I use my fingers to apply the lipstick, then use Dior's Maximizer and blend it in.
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#312 poppy

Purchased RD310. It's a pink-ish? red. I was surprised there were so many different shades of red. Shiseido's game is on! This lipstick brightens up your face, but doesn't make just your lips stand out. You can tap a bit of the product in with your fingers, you can apply from the stick. What I love the most is how the cap is magnetic and when you close the cap it clicks in the most satisfying way!! The flower tsubaki mark on top of the lid is really cute. And, the box is scarlet red but the lipstick itself is black so the contrast when you pull the lipstick out of the box is stunning! Shiseido never messes up!!!!
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I'm using shade RD504. It's probably the darkest color out of the entire collection, and it's more of a brown, cassis-ish red. I thought the dark red lip is for the autumn/winter, but in the pamphlet the actress had a similar dark lip and I thought, you could actually use this color in any season ☆ It's not too matte, has a little bit of sheerness and it's super comfortable on the lips. For myself, I stay away from non-Japanese makeup lines because their lipsticks were so drying but this was just fine! I use this really boldly on my day offs and when I have work, I lightly apply this and use lip gloss.
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Using RD716. I think shades can be taken in different ways so I'll just review how it felt on my lips. It's a perfect combination of matte and sheer. It blends with my lips so it doesn't feel drying. Even when my lips are a little chapped, it hides it. It lasts really long, and when I lightly dab a tissue over and reapply, it still stays on eve when I eat. It's on the matte side, but doesn't dry me out, and really stays on my lips. I love this! I'm thinking of buying other shades, too!
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