The ad really caught my eye with their phrase "control the color temperature of your lips". I went to the @cosme store on the release date, and the packaging was adorable and I was ready to buy it, but I decided to check the reviews for it first. But then I received the +3°C and +5C from the campaign! I am so thankful. This is a lip treatment so I didn't use this as a lip gloss, and used only this on my lips. Even the darkest shade +5°C looks very naturally flushed. It moderately erases the vertical lines on my lips too. If you want to really feel the effect as a serum, I think it's better to be applied directly on the lips. These days, a lot of pigmented lipsticks are popular, but this is a face pigment and won't stain your lips. The brand recommends night use but I'm not so sure about that. Since it has SPF, I wouldn't wear it at night on my lips. I'm going to keep on using this for a week (during the day) and if my lips look better, I'll add another review!
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Purchased +5℃. It really won't dry you out, and minimizes the appearance of the vertical lines on your lips. It feels really light on the lips, and the orange shade is very sheer so it's perfect for daily use. The tip is really easy to apply the product, and allows easy touch ups. I have very dry lips, and I was worried my lips would tan and darken. I wish they had more shades!
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I passed by a store and fell in love at first sight. Purchased +5°C. I have pretty thick lips and it doesn't make it too plump and just gives a really good shine and I love it so much. It's very sheer, but the second you apply this, it minimizes the appearance of vertical lines on your lips.
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The chip is shaped so that it's easy to apply the product. I can't seem to find this in stores nowadays, but if I find it again I definitely want to buy it again ☆
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It's really popular lately, so it's been kind of hard to buy this. I bought this online, though. My lips are really dry, to the point where even if I apply lip balms before sleeping, as soon as I wake up and eat breakfast the next morning, my lips are all dry and rough again. With this, though, even after sleeping in a room with the aircon blasting, the next morning my lips are still soft and supple, which really surprised me. It has a really natural color payoff too, which makes me look like I have naturally good complexion. I really quite like it. I would probably buy more once I finish my tube.
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