I've been looking for a sunscreen since last month, but I finally found a good one! I have combo skin and my makeup tends to wear off badly around my nose and chin. I used to use Cezanne's Make Keep Base or Ettusais' Oil block Base, but I'm OK with just this on its own. I sweat a lot at work, so when I check the mirror on my break, I'm a little shiny, but I can just blot with a tissue and everything's OK. It's an emulsion, so it's quite moisturizing and the Double Wear foundation I put on over it goes on smooth. There's a bit of a dewy look, and thankfully it doesn't fall into my pores and exaggerate them. The price is low too, so I think it's pretty easy to buy. It's been a while since I liked a product this much, so I think I'll stock up on it!
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This was featured in a magazine, so I got interested and bought it. First off, my pores always look too big, but this helped them look smaller. It also has a kind of pink color, so it helps my skin look nice enough to just pop out and do errands. Plus, I always used to use a lotion, sunscreen, and makeup base, but this covers all three on one, which saves a lot of time. The product is runny, so you only need a little, but the instructions say that the sunscreen doesn't work as well with small amounts, so you might not be able to get enough out of it to justify the cost. In terms of price, it might be hard to keep buying it, but depending on how long it lasts, I might buy it again.
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I thought it was good! It's moisturizing and my skin doesn't dry out during the day. It doesn't wear off in a bad way, and it give you a nice glow. It's a makeup base with no coverage, but after I put it one, I felt like my complexion was brighter. When my sister recommended it, she said "It really smells like alcohol! " so I checked the ingredients and the second one was ethanol. But I didn't mind. lolDuring allergy season and when the weather starts to change, my skin gets more sensitive, but so far I haven't has any problems with my skin getting irritated or anything, so I think I'll keep using it for a while. Also, I didn't see this written anywhere, so I asked them about it, but it sounds like you don't need to use a makeup remover if this is all you're using. It sounds like it comes off with just face wash, which I think makes it good for days off.
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あと、どこにも書いていなかったので問い合わせたのですが、これだけでしたらクレンジングは不要みたいです^ ^
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