This one had animal squalane in it. (it used to say it contains squalane from sharks) But now it has plant-derived squalane. So I wanted to buy it because of that. But I accidentally bought the old version! Squalane is perfect for stopping the skin from getting dry. It's way more effective than a skin cream. You only need one drop, so it's a great value. It doesn't really life the skin or anything. But it does stop the skin from getting dry. So maybe it can help the skin from getting saggy. It's good too use on the feet in the dry winter weather too. I've used The Olive Oil from Healthy Olive (based in Izu Oshima) for a long time. And it's high quality and expensive, and it's good for my skin. But the moisturizing effect is a little lacking, so for fall and winter the squalane oil is what I'm using. This one is definitely more moisturizing. I tried the squalane (plant-based) that came with a sample. A lot of people on the website said there wasn't a difference. But I feel like the animal squalane was a little more moisturizing. The plant squalane seems a little lighter.
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I've bought it many times. It sinks into my skin really well, so much that I barely even feel like it's an oil! My skin feels plump and moisturized inside and silky smooth outside, which is ideal. The super tiny, plastic container seems like a little toy or something, so the silver cap is a good thing. On trips, the small size doesn't take up a lot of space, which is good too. When I first started using it, one drop was really effective, but now that I've been using it for about 3 months, my skin seems to want more, so I changed to a cheaper Muji oil. But when I have a little more money available, I'll definitely use this.
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This is a really moisturizing oil, so even though it's not expensive, it performs really well. It doesn't have any of that sticky feeling that oils tend to have, since it just sinks right in. The morning after using it, I didn't notice any dramatic changes, but it did have that nice, moisturized feeling that oils give your skin. Oh, also, translucency. I get the feeling that my skin looks brighter. Compared to Albion Gold, this one doesn't have as nice a scent and it doesn't sink in as nicely. That one just blends right in and fills the skin with moisture. For me, Gold worked great, so I've gone through about 3 bottles, but I'm not using it anymore. This one has a small container that's quite convenient, so I think I'll buy it to go traveling overseas next month.
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Up until now, I've been using used several plant based products on their own or with a combination of booster products. Jojoba, sweet almond, apricot kernel, kukui nuts, etc all are smooth but are get sticky in mid-winter. However, this product is not sticky at all! I thought the above oil was just ok for dry skin but my skin improved by 90% in just 4 days after I started to use this product. You can use just 2 drops of it or 2 drops of it in floral water. There is no stickiness at all and you can use it with no problems even if you needed to put on makeup in a hurry. I think this is especially good for those who are already committed to plant based oil. My 16 year old son also uses it. PS: After about 5 days of not using this and using other toners as well as moisturizers, my skin has returned to a bad condition. My skin will improve once again though. I think this product suits me.
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I got a sample of this from a friend, who told me that squalane is supposed to be a really good ingredient for skin. I used the sample package for a couple days, since a few drops of this mixed in with my normal moisturizer was enough. It's nice! It's just one ingredient, so I guess that's why it feels so light, but it's really really moisturizing! After I bought some and used it for a while, I felt like my skin was looking more refined and more smooth, so I can't complain, especially because it's really not expensive. It does look expensive at first, but you really only use 2 or 3 drops at a time, so I feel like as a supplement to my normal face routine, it's worth it.
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