I have sensitive skin, and I sometimes even get skin irritation and itchiness from band aids and plasters. When it comes to pads, first day my skin reacts ok, but it gets itchier and itchier after 2-3 days. Even when I replace the pads many times, it gets ichy when the pad touches my skin. I was trying many types of pads, and I tried Slim Guard from Laurier since I thought that slimmer ones would let air through more, and prevent itchiness. It was actually good, just as the reviews suggested. However, it gets itchy right before the end of my period! It is far better than the pads I used to have, but it just gets so itchy in the front. So I tried "Shiawase Suhada" from the same brand, and I was surprised to find that this one didn't make my skin itchy at all during my period. I thought that it depended on my condition or the season, so I tried this pad in midsummer when I was feeling tired, and it didn't make my skin itchy. I recommend this to people with sensitive skin.
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I recommend this to people with sensitive skin. The pad is fluffy and comfortable. It didn't irritate my skin at all during my period. It's a little more expensive than the pads you see in ads, but it's worth a try since it makes your menstrual week stress-free.
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I've been using this series for a long time. Lately, they came out with a slim type, and it's nice that it doesn't get bulky in your purse. I've tried many brands, but since I have sensitive skin that gets even more sensitive during my period, it took a while for me to find the products that suit my skin. It doesn't get soggy and irritating, so I can use it without worrying. It's a little disappointing that it never goes on sale in drugstores, but I'll keep using this.
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My idea of how good a pad can feel has totally changed. Up until now, I thought every pad I'd tried had pretty much felt the same feeling, but I was totally floored by how comfortable and absorbent this one is. For me, by the time my period is ending, things tend to feel a little itchy down there (maybe because of having pads with all these chemicals touching my skin for a few days?), but this pad has never left my skin irritated and itchy. The pad itself is pretty thin, but it's well made, so even if I leave it on for a while without changing it, it keeps on working. I'm so glad I found such a good product!
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良いものに出会えてよかったです^ ^
"I've been using these pads for years! I've tried a lot of different brands, but I ended up coming back to F. Hardly a surprise, haha! The ones I used before were a pain to change, and I was always worried about them leaking. I've had to rely on overnight pads during the day, but I feel like with the F overnight pads, they hardly ever feel itchy or irritating. If you have to wear them for a long time, they could get really uncomfortable, so it's important that they're gentle on the skin, right? Also, the packaging is easy to open, and the wings never get stuck to themselves and get folded all weird! (cheaper pads can get folded all weird when they get stuck to themselves, and if you put them on they way it's absolutely the worst when they come off with no warning...I know from personal experience lol) They're a liiiiittle bit more expensive than other pads, but I'll be sticking with the night use ones forever! "
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