Needless to say, this is the very popular lotion. I have been using it as my good-luck charm since my friend gave me as a gift. I use it depends on my skin condition, and found that this lotion rather raises the standard of the skin condition than changing something dramatically, and restores skin texture and elasticity to enhance the effects of following serum. At first, I had concerned the featured scent, yet it is no longer my concern since the scent vanishes quite soon. It rather makes me feel using SK2 laughs Very reassuring lotion that can permeate to the skin even when the skin condition is not so good caused by UV ray, lack of sleep or stress, and raise the standard of the skin condition. Since the texture is watery and not thick, I had worried about moisturizing ability, yet my skin did not dry by applying it twice. I felt my skin smooth with refined texture, different from sticky feeling of glycerine. I think I will repeat buying it, since a lack of this makes me feel anxious.
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I have been using it for years. Yet, I sometimes tried other lotions as well since the price is high. After all there is nothing better than this. I love the feeling of penetration into the skin and how well my makeup goes on afterward. In addition, it controls sebum secretion and prevents oily shine at T-zone. Strongly recommended for oily skin. Every time I go to the store, I find beauty advisor's skin so beautiful. She is almost the same age like me, yet she who has been using this product since she was young has no age spots or lines at all. Even the skin of elder customers are quit moist and has a high clarity. After looking all these effects, I would say SK2 is amazing after all.
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By using IPSA for half a year, my skin got worth every time I checked at the store and beauty advisor recommended expensive items. I'm back to SK-2. It seems basically there are no big difference after a renewal. Soak it to a cotton and pat, and I feel the lotion has been penetrated into a skin and keeping a moisture. I can clearly see the difference between this and cheap lotions. Not a temporary moisture replenishment, takes effect long. Just, was it this expensive last year? It's a high place me. This price is painful just for two months use. So, I always buy it when they give me voucher back or multiple points.
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I'm very comfortable for using this product Facial treatment essence. I feel my skin went back 5 years ago after using. Especially this texture is very smoothly, but it provide my skin moisture what is the reason why I like this.
I bought the full-sized product. I received a 30ml sample a few years ago, but at that time I didn’t see the point in using it. Recently I thought about this product again, and bought 160ml package. When I used it, it made my pores unnoticeable, and my skin didn’t dry out, nor did my makeup wear off. The most satisfying part was how much more effective it was compared to the other whitening products I’ve used before. Because I was on a budget, I stopped using whitening serum and only used this item, R.N.A serum and a moisturizer. I had blemishes and horrible sunburned skin discoloration all over my face, but they’re all totally unnoticeable now. It is expensive, but I’m planning to get more.
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何年か前に30mlのサンプルを頂いて使用したことが ありましたが、その時には 全く良さがわからずに そのままでした。
最近また ふと気になり、160mlを購入して使用したところ、毛穴が目立たなくなり、乾燥や日中のメイクの崩れが軽減しました。

一番 実感したことは、今まで使ってきたいろいろな美白アイテムでは得られなかった美白効果が得られたことです。予算の関係もあり、思いきって美白の美容液の使用をやめ、こちらとR.N.Aの美容液と乳液のみの使用にしてみたら、今まで悩んできた顔全体の日焼けしたかのようなヒドいくすみが改善し、シミも薄く目立たなくなりました。

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