92, a transparent wine red. The watery liquid spreads smoothly and can create an even & beautiful finish I could create the syrup nail surprisingly easy. Yet, using only this for a brush makes my skin look dull. I overlaid it on the cherry blossom nail color for a try, and it instantly turned into a pink color, which brighten up the skin tone! Layering on a beige color makes a pale russet color. Both have turned into a beautiful color. I'm using it as a top coat after that. I recommend it.
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I bought it with Chifure's 115, and found this Integrate Gracy is definitely better. Good color, less likely to become uneven. I would be happy it they are a little more fast drying. The color does not show for a brush. In the past MAQuillAGE's 11 was almost the same color as this, and I don't really see much difference. Capacity maybe? There was a similar color in last summer's limited from Integrate, and I also don't see much difference, too. I guess there won't be a big difference, because MAQuillAGE and Integrate are also the same Shiseido.
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I heard "blood blister color", and purchased it wondering what is the dangerous name. Very easy to paint. Clumsy me always can't paint dark colors properly on my nails, yet this one is easy to paint since the color is transparent. Not so noticeable even if it sticks out lol It creates a natural-looking pink nail for a brush, that makes me think "Well my nails now looks pink & smooth as Sakura shell", and raise me up so much. Even clumsy me can create a gradation easily. Love it.
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92. I'm in love with this product! Since I can't wear nail polish due to my job, I have been using this on my toes. I've tried it with an ombre effect, or as a sparkle accent at the tip of the nails. During my off days during Golden Week, I tried it on my hands. I applied two layers and the pink was still light and almost transparent, so I didn't think it was good enough. However, when I stepped outside, I was surprised. Under the lighting in the shop, you can't see how beautiful it is. You have to see it under sunlight and you can see how glossy and shiny it looks, with a nice blush pink color. I feel like men would think it's a cute color. I got so excited! I feel like I found my soulmate cosmetic product. I think I'd want to wear this on a date. It should also be OK for work, normally. I want to try other colors. It dries fast and that's the number one reason I like it. A person of any age could use it.
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92 こちら恋コスメですね!
OK, so I've tried a lot of nail polishes, and a reasonably priced (like $3?) Shiseido nail polish seemed like a safe bet, but this exceeded my expectations. Ignoring the kind of weird name, this is a really great polish. I usually have some trouble on my right hand, but this goes on flawlessly, and it dries quickly enough that I don't just mess it up immediately. I think my only complaint is that there aren't really any fun colors, but at my job I couldn't wear them anyway, so I don't really mind.
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