Revision of Terms of Service and Private Policy
Thank you for using @cosme.

The following revisions and changes have been made to further improve the quality of our services and to accurately reflect the status of important information and data security of our users.
【Implementation Content and Outline】
1、Revision of "@cosme Terms of Service"
・Revision and addition of text and contents regarding the current service
・Publication language changed to Japanese
2、Revision of "Privacy Policy”
・Additional text regarding the guidelines of personal information and data security of our users.
Important subjects include:
  Changes in “Use of Personal Information"
  Additional context in “Outsourcing of Management of Personal Information"
  Changes in data content, range and purpose regarding the “Joint Use of Personal Information"
  Additional context in “Management of Anonymously Processed Information"
・Publication language changed to Japanese

3、Standard language regarding "@cosme Terms of Service” and "Privacy Policy"
The Terms of Use and Private Policies are based in Japanese, therefore the terms and conditions shall be agreed and established in the Japanese language.
【Date of Revision】
Thursday, May 15, 2020.
The revised "@cosme Terms of Use" , ""@cosme Privacy Policy” and Personal Information Management" will apply to members who have been using our services.
In addition, we will provide a function that will allow you to confirm or deny the provision of personal information to a third party. We continue to strive to offer safe and reliable services for our members.
Thank you again for using @cosme.
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