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@cosme Terms of Service
Article 1 (Services)

1. @cosme and @cosme shopping (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”) are operated by the istyle Group (hereinafter referred to as the “Group”), which comprises istyle Inc. and its affiliated companies. An outline of the Group and its affiliated companies may be found at the following URL: http://www.istyle.co.jp/en
2. For inquiries regarding the Services, please contact the specific inquiry center for the service in question, as each affiliated company operates its own customer service centers.

Article 2 (Agreement and Guidelines)

1. This agreement defines the terms of service between the Group and members (defined in the next article) so that all members may use the Services pleasantly and safely. This agreement applies to all relationships between the Group and members.
2. In addition to this agreement, there are other guidelines and Customer Service conditions, (hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Agreement”), so please use the Services only after reading and consenting to all parts of the Agreement.
3. The Group may revise the Agreement without prior notice to members. The revised Agreement must be considered to apply to all members. Revisions to the Agreement will be announced through the Services.

Article 3 (Registration)

1. In this agreement, “Member” refers to a person who has agreed to the Agreement, and who has applied for registration in order to sign up to the Services through procedures specified by the Group, and whose registration has been approved by the Group.
2. If the Group determines a Member to be ineligible for membership, the Member may not be approved for membership. The Group may also terminate membership after approving a Member, and the Member’s account may be deleted.
3. If a person under 15 years old is applying to become a Member, he or she must have a legal guardian’s consent.
4. Application by a Member who is already registered is prohibited.
5. The act of transferring, leasing, or sharing of membership rights to or with a third party is prohibited.

Article 4 (Email Address and Password)

1. The email address and password (hereinafter referred to together as the “Address”) that are registered with the Group must be used when using the Services
2. The Member is responsible for the use and protection of the Address.
3. The Member bears liability for all acts and the consequences thereof that occur in connection with the service provided by the Group and are associated with the Member’s Address. The Member is liable regardless of whether the Member him/herself acted, with or without negligence, unless there was willful or gross negligence on the part of the Group.
4. If the Address is stolen or forgotten, or if the use of the Address by a third party is detected, the Member must follow the Group’s instructions.
5. If the Member causes damage to a third party or the Group by using the Address in an unauthorized manner, the Member must compensate the third party or the Group for any damage caused by said use.

Article 5 (Registration Information)

1. The Group shall retain and manage all registration information belonging to the Member, including the Address. Some information may be disclosed through the Services (hereinafter referred to as “Disclosed Registration Information”), while other information, which the Group manages under careful scrutiny, remains undisclosed (hereinafter referred to as “Undisclosed Registration Information”).
2. The Group must handle the Undisclosed Registration Information under strict management. Regarding any information in the Undisclosed Registration Information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) that can identify a specific individual, the Group must follow the terms of the “Privacy Policy,” specified separately (http://www.cosme.net/html/prv/index.html).
3. The Group is deemed to have given prior notice regarding the differentiation of Disclosed/Undisclosed Registration Information by displaying a notice on the registration screen when the Member submits the information, and the Member is deemed to have agreed that the Disclosed Registered Information may be made public through the Services.
4. Notwithstanding the previous terms, the Member shall be liable for all damage caused by the disclosure of information included in the Disclosed Registration Information submitted by the Member, except to the extent arising from willful misconduct or gross negligence by the Group. Members agree exercise caution when submitting Disclosed Registration Information.
5. The Member shall not make false declarations regarding any items of registration information upon applying for membership.
6. If there are changes to the registered information, the Member must promptly carry out the specified information change procedures.
7. The Group may use the information registered by the Members as considered necessary for the operation of the Services. For more information regarding the collection, management, and use of Member information, please see the Privacy Policy.

Article 6 (Restrictions and Prohibitions)

1. Members are prohibited from the following acts:
 1. Illegal acts or acts which threaten public order or morality, or acts likely to do so.
 2. Acts related to crime, or acts likely to be so.
 3. Acts related to anti-social activities, or acts likely to be so.
 4. Registering or providing false registration information.
 5. Intentionally changing the translations of other Member’s posts for the worse, or changing the content to differ from the original text.
 6. Slandering or abusing other Members or third parties.
 7. Violating a third party’s intellectual property rights (including but not restricted to copyright, design right, patent, utility model right, trademark right, and knowledge).
 8. Acts that disadvantage or disturb other Members or third parties.
 9. Acts intended to solicit other Members to join or participate in groups, services, activities and so forth that are not related to the Services.
 10. Acts that pose problems to the system infrastructure of the Services, including but not limited to computer viruses.
 11. Acts of pre-election campaigning, election campaigning or similar, and acts that conflict with election regulations.
 12. With the exception of acts authorized by the Group, acts of buying or selling that cause financial damage to another Member or a third party, as well as acts that may constitute, such as the exchange of gifts or items with no value.
 13. Acts that are considered to have a bad influence on minors.
 14. Acts such as sending spam or mass emails to Members, reading such messages, answering spam questionnaires, or forcing other Members or third parties to forward such emails or messages.
 15. Reposting or redistributing any information from the Group, such as emails, texts or, images (movies, still images, sketches, illustration and so forth, hereinafter the same) without permission.
 16. Hampering the operation of the Services, interfering with the Group’s business, or causing damage to the reputation or character of the Group.
 17. Violating the Agreement.
 18. Any other act that is considered inappropriate by the Group.

Article 7 (Prohibited Use of Information Except for Private Use)

1. With the exception of certain cases authorized by the Group or cases in which third parties hold the rights to applicable information and give their authorization through the Group (the same shall apply hereinafter in this Article), Members shall not use any information received through the Services for any purpose outside the scope of private use as an individual, including but not limited to copying, selling, publishing, or disclosing such information. Furthermore, Members will not cause or allow other Members or third parties to do so.
2. Members must not use the Services (including the translation function) for commercial purposes.

Article 8 (The Management of the Services)

1. Members are responsible for their use of the Services, and must use common sense so as not to cause trouble to the Group, other Members, or third parties.
2. The Group shall assume no responsibility for the exchange of information or the actions that accompany such exchanges between Members, if such exchanges are done through the Services.
3. If the Group, other Members, or a third party suffers a loss due to a computer virus or similar, and this loss results from information exchanged between Members through the Services, the Member who posted the damaging information must compensate the other parties for the loss. Unless there was willful or gross negligence on the part of the Group, the Group shall assume no liability for loss suffered by the Members or third parties involved.

Article 9 (Ownership of Rights)

1. If, through the Services that the Group provides, intellectual property rights (including but not restricted to copyright, design rights, patents, utility model rights, trademark rights, and knowledge) are claimed as the result of content posted or disclosed by a Member (including content produced using the translation function and translated content that is corrected, modified and so forth), all rights shall be attributed to the Group or shall be voluntarily transferred to the Group without charge. The same applies to text, images, slogans, plans and other content posted by Members and collected by the Group through the Services. Furthermore, Members are advised that the Group will permit Members to correct or modify translations posted by other Members in order to improve the Services, and that use of the Services shall constitute acceptance of these terms.
2. The intellectual property rights described in the previous clause include translation, musical arrangement or modification, dramatization, and filming of copyrighted works, as well as other rights such as adaption and similar rights held by an author for derivative copyrighted works.
3. Members shall not exercise authorial moral rights (the right to make public such works, the right to attribution, or the right to maintain integrity of such works) against other Members who have edited or changed the translated results of material uploaded by the Member, nor will they exercise such rights against the Group, nor against third parties that have legally licensed such contents or obtained legal rights to such contents from the Group.
4. Users are advised that there may be cases in which information published through the Services may be published in newspapers, magazines or other media and publications, or in which such information is displayed on websites not operated by the Group, if such use is authorized by the Group. In such cases, the username, age, and skin type of the Member who posted the comment may be disclosed. However, in order to protect the privacy of Members, personal information such as name, address, and email address will not be disclosed without the permission of the Member. For more details, please refer to the “Privacy Policy”.

Article 10 (Sending and Receiving Email)

1. When exchanging email with the Group, Members must use the same email address currently registered to the Member.
2. If email is sent or received from a Member using an address that differs from the one registered to the Member, the Group assumes no liability for any loss or damage incurred by the Member as a result of such contact.
3. The Group may determine and choose which information may be posted on the Services or be sent by email to Members.
4. If a Member replies to email received from the Group, the reply shall be sent by the process specified by the Group.
5. If such email is received by other means than were specified by the Group, the Group assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to the Member.
6. The content of the body of emails sent by a Member is the responsibility of the Member.
7. The Group may send notices vital to the operation of the Services to users via email.
8. If a sister service of the Services is launched or re-launched, the Group may send email to notify Members of such.

Article 11 (Advertisement of Products)

1. Members are advised that the Group assumes no responsibility for the contents of advertisements, as these advertisements are based on material provided by the companies selling or offering the products being advertised.

Article 12 (Termination of Membership)

1. The Group may terminate membership without permission from the Member if any of the following conditions apply:
 1. The Member uses their membership wrongfully or illegally.
 2. The Member uses the Services for commercial purposes other than those approved by the Group.
 3. The Member’s registration information is found to be false.
 4. Acts likely to threaten the credit or reputation of the Services are discovered.
 5. The Member misuses the services or systems of the Group.
 6. The Member fails to make payment to the Group when using the shopping service.
 7. The Member violates other terms of the Agreement.
 8. The Group determines the actions of a Member to be inappropriate.
2. If membership is terminated, all rights retained by the Member regarding the Services will be lost. This includes all Beauty Coins and Beauty Points awarded, in accordance with the applicable guidelines.

Article 13 (Cancellation of Membership)

1. To cancel membership, the Member must notify the Group through the cancellation process specified. After completing the cancellation process, membership will be cancelled.
2. The Member agrees that the information registered when becoming a Member, as well as all other information submitted when using the Services, will be deleted after cancellation of membership.

Article 14 (Information and Services)

1. Regarding the various kinds of information and services provided by the Group, the Group assumes no responsibility or obligation to investigate or guarantee the integrity, accuracy, usability, or pertinence of such information and services.
2. The Group retains the right to edit or rearrange information such as texts, images, and voices provided by third parties or Members, and Members shall not object to this. However, the Group is under no obligation to undertake any such editing or related actions.
3. If a Member suffers damage caused by information provided by a third party (including physical, mental, or property damage), the Group bears no liability for such.
4. If a Member posts personal information such as an email address or other identifying information through the Services, the Member is considered to have agreed to the disclosure of personal information as set forth in Article 5 clause 3, and the Group bears no liability for this.

Article 15 (Discontinuation and Suspension of Service)

1. In any of the following cases, the Group may discontinue or suspend all or part of the service:
 1. Regular system maintenance, updates, or emergencies related to the Services and related networks.
 2. Difficulty providing service due to force majeure; fire, power failure, natural disaster, etc.
 3. Other situations in which the Group considers it difficult to provide service due to an unforeseen development.
2. If loss or damage occurs to a Member due to one of the aforementioned situations, the Group assumes no responsibility for such, except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

Article 16 (Changes to and Cancellation of Service Contents)

1. The Group may make changes to or cancel the service without approval from Members.
2. Regarding the previous clause, if loss or damage occurs to a Member, the Group assumes no liability, except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

Article 17 (Indemnity of the Services)

1. The Group maintains the rights to investigate, manage, and delete information exchanged between Members including reviews, posts on bulletin boards, or email exchanges. However, the Group has no obligation to investigate, manage or delete such information.
2. The Group shall do its best to ensure accessibility, usability, and provision of service, although it does not guarantee such.
3. The Group bears no liability for disputes between Members, Members and third parties, or between third parties. If a dispute occurs, it shall be resolved by the parties concerned, without the involvement of the Group.
4. If a dispute arises regarding a service provided by the Group, or if the Group receives a legal claim from a Member or third party, or if a court determines that compensation or other damages are due, the Group shall reserve the right to claim any costs (including damages, court costs and legal fees) from the Member responsible for any and all damages arising from the issue, except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the Group.
5. The Group bears no liability in the event that access to the Services is difficult or impossible, or if the service is partially or wholly unavailable, or incomplete. Users who access the Services shall not pursue compensation from the Group for such inconvenience.
6. The Group provides a translation function in the Services for the convenience of Members and users, but cannot guarantee that the translation results are complete or accurate. It is the sole responsibility of the Members to use the translation results and appropriately correct, modify or delete translations. In the event that the translation results cause loss or damage to a Member, user or a third party, the Group assumes no liability.

Article 18 (Governing Law)

1. All disputes related to the service provided by the Group shall be governed by Japanese law, regardless of the nature of the conflict or cause thereof.

Article 19 (Agreed Jurisdiction)

1. Any and all legal claims regarding this agreement fall under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court, which shall be the court of trial in the event of such claims.

The contact information to request the Disclosure of personal information may be found below.

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