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A serum toner with plenty of Japan's finest horse placenta. It will increase your original skin's strength and power and lead to radiant and clear skin. While firming and refreshing the skin, you will feel the difference in your skin with less frequency to touch up your makeup. Your skin will be healthy and flawless. A must for busy women. Horse placenta have nutrients for beautiful, radiant skin cells. For example, horse placenta holds 300 times more amino acid compared to pig placenta, and enzymes, vitamins, mineral, and growth factors for promoting the skin's turnover. Combined with active ingredients to fight off deteriorating skin from aging and stress. For glowing, healthy skin that retains moisture. Formulated with safe, Japanese horse placenta. Out of all placentas, horse placenta is the most safe, and holds plenty of active ingredients. They are a perfect match with human skin, and are often used in the medical field, too. In addition, we only use Hokkaido made thoroughbred horse placenta under hygiene and ideal conditions.

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