# Arrange Up Wax / LUCIDO-L
# Arrange Up Wax / LUCIDO-L
700JPY (Excluding Tax)

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60g 700JPY


Hair Styling Products

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Hair wax with water-jelly texture to style natural up-do, as if finished by a light brush with your hands. The product is powder and smooth, and lets you style your hair without leaving it tacky feeling. In addition, by containing the penetrating-type hyaluronic acid it can create a soft texture keeping the hair moisturized. Blended 4 kinds of water-soluble styling components with different hardness in the best balance. Water jelly type has a soft texture yet adheres to the hair tight, creating a light and smooth finish. You can style up-do sets easily with your hands. The product will keep the style firmly, yet giving off a natural style. Also suppresses hair frizz at hair parting and neckline. Hair wax with well-blending touch that creates a tight and edgy style, yet be rinsed off easily. Has a stylish green scent. Preservative free. Miniature model 20 g.

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