Organic Clear Cleansing Kyoto Uji Tea Leaves   / Setagaya COSME
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Setagaya COSME




Makeup Remover & Cleansers

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This gentle cleanser is for those suffering from blackheads and dull skin. Contains 16 carefully selected plant-based ingredients like Job's tears, konjac, and rice bran, plus Uji green tea leaf with its excellent cleansing and conditioning benefits. Contains baking soda, a natural inorganic ingredient, as a cleansing ingredient that gently absorbs and removes impurities deep in the pores. It leaves moisture in the skin while thoroughly removing makeup and dirt, all without needing to double cleanse. Can be used with wet hands. Can be used with lash extensions. Unscented.

  • Organic Clear Cleansing Kyoto Uji Tea Leaves
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