Allerbarrier Essence / d program
Allerbarrier Essence / d program
Allerbarrier Essence / d program
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Shiseido International


d program




Milk Lotion & Serum
Other Skin Care
Sun Protection
Primer & Concealer

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The Allerbarrier technology keeps the skin safe from small airborne particles that can bother the skin, like pollen, dust, and grime. The non-chemical formula does not contain any UV absorbers. Can be used on the skin of children and infants as well. Waterproof, yet can be removed with your regular cleanser or makeup remover. Also works as a makeup base, enhancing the spreadability and staying power of your foundation. Contains no parabens (preservatives), alcohol (ethanol), mineral oil, fragrance, or color. Patch-tested on individuals with sensitive skin. *Not guaranteed as irritate free for all users.

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