AC Treatment Essence / Love Renaissance
AC Treatment Essence / Love Renaissance
AC Treatment Essence / Love Renaissance
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Love Renaissance


Love Renaissance




Special Hair Care
Special Hair Care

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Jointly developed as requested by the famous Joseph Martin, the number one hair stylist of LA's Beverly Hills. Made chiefly of an amino acid extract of keratin, this is a hair treatment essence that is extremely pure. It protects the hair from sun exposure and even CO2, and contains moisturizing Lipidure to protect the hair's moisture. It coats the hairs one by one, preventing bed head and stopping the growth of bacteria, even helping protect the hair from the effects of humid, rainy weather. It improves the feel of the hair, allowing both fingers and combs to pass through smoothly. It also protects the health of the hair to prevent breakage, split ends, and damage. For strength, shine, lift, and volume. Repairs, supplements, fights UV rays, CO2, and bacteria. Prevents stiffness, frizz, unwanted texture, tangles, dryness, breakage, and odor.

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