Lasting W Brow EX / New Born
Lasting W Brow EX / New Born
Lasting W Brow EX / New Born
Lasting W Brow EX / New Born
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TOKIWA Pharmaceutical


New Born




Brow Products
Brow Products

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New formula. 2 shades. This eyebrow product features 2 functions of a liquid and a powder in a single product. The flexible, super thin liquid pen tip enables you to draw your brows naturally and beautifully, while the soft powder stays on well to create a full, defined finish. It has also gone through a "15-hour Long-wearing Test" to ensure that the beautiful, soft finish lasts. Both the liquid and the powder are resistant to sweat, water, and sebum, keeping their finish all day long. This eyebrow product creates natural, beautiful brows without requiring any special techniques, and keeps its finish all day long.

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