Beauty Clear Powder Wash / suisai
Beauty Clear Powder Wash / suisai
Beauty Clear Powder Wash / suisai
Beauty Clear Powder Wash / suisai
Beauty Clear Powder Wash / suisai

Lately, I haven't been using fermentation-based facial washes (I've been using a lot of facial wash scrubs, so I thought it would overlap and have bad effects), but not too long ago I saw this being sold in a Disney Tsumtsum package, which was so cute I just had to buy it. This is the first time I'm using one again after 10 years. Back then, sometimes I would mix it into my facial wash foam, but this time I use it on its own. I guess I usually use it in the morning, for 2-3 times a week. I'm strangely good at making foam lathers (does this sound like I'm bragging?), so I'd just add a little water and lather it up using my fingers. It's a little loose, but it lathers up really well. It's easy to rinse too, which makes it convenient during busy mornings. I've always thought that fermentation-based facial washes are a little too strong, but this one doesn't make my skin feel tight after washing, and since it's so gentle, I don't feel any sting either. Despite that, the effects are really great! I'm currently using the Tsumtsum ones, so everyday I would look forward to using it, thinking which one should I use today. Sometimes I would also think that my skin is a little rough, and then I would use it and it would remove all my rough patches, which is amazing. It's sold at a reasonable price, and also sold at the drugstores, which is great! I still have another package of the Tsumtsum ones, so I'd definitely be using those too!

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This skincare product features fermentation as its main specialty. This enzyme facial wash powder removes blackheads and dirt from the pores, rough patches, and exfoliates dead skin cells, creating a smooth, silky, and luminous finish.

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