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    Moist Essence Mask Highly Moisturizing

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This additive-free sheet mask was formulated specifically for dry and sensitive skin. This mask supports the skin's natural protective barrier function while also imparting moisture, resulting in bouncy, velvety soft skin. Contains 25ml of beauty serum. The waffle-texture sheet holds plenty of essence, for a luxurious face mask experience. Formulated with moisturizing barrier function support ingredients such as plant-based ceramide and natural moisturizing elements. It replenishes nutrients to skin with lowered barrier function, for healthy, lively skin. Contains hyaluronic acid as a moisturizing ingredient. Thanks to hyaluronic acid's high moisture-holding capacity, where 1g keeps approximately 6 liters of water, it keeps the skin moisturized. Contains a blend of Marine Placenta (R) to support the skin's natural regulation capabilities, as well as amino acids to tone the skin. Silicone-free, non-alcohol (ethanol), low pH.

  • Moist Essence Mask Highly Moisturizing
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