Beauty Lash Origin / Spa treatment
Beauty Lash Origin / Spa treatment
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Spa treatment




Eye & Lip Care

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This is a reproduced version of the lash serum Beauty Lash with its original formula. [Additive-free] Contains no silicone, alcohol, mineral oil, oil, color, or fragrance. [Moisturizing ingredients] PCA-Na: an essential moisturizing agent among natural moisturizing factor that activates to nourish lashes and skin around the eyes, and promote their healthy condition. Hyaluronate Sodium: exceeds in permeation and moisture retention to smoothen skin and lashes. Silk Amino Acid: forms an even protection veil on skin and lashes to nourish your lashes. Sorbitol: protects your skin against dehydration. [Functional ingredient] Hexa Peptide-2: peptide that consists of 6 types of amino acid. conditions skin surface and lashes. Palmitoyl pentapeptide-4: peptide made up of a conglomerate of amino acid. strengthens lashes and skin. Hydrolysis mucopolysaccharide: exceeds in retaining moisture and enhancing skin elasticity. [Plant extracts] ginkgo leaf, tea leaf, grape seed, Asian ginseng root, papaya fruit. Others: contains various plant extracts to provide nutrients and elasticity, as well as hydration to the eyelids to create large eyes. 1.5ml / 4.5ml

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