Elixir Enriched Eye Cream CB / ELIXIR
Elixir Enriched Eye Cream CB / ELIXIR
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Premium eye cream gives the important eye area rich and thick moisture effectively to maintain the glow and firmness. It gives firmness and moisture, especially to the eye area. Protects skin's moisture and firmness. - Original component Self Difference CB (Ginkyo leaf extract and glycerin; moisturizing) Promotes the skin with raising firmness.  - Original component Double-stem complex (turmeric extract, soapberry extract, inositol and glycerin: moisturizing) Gives deep firmness and moisture to the skin and keep it, thanks to the moisturizing effect. - Contains collagen GL in high dense* (water-soluble collagen, glycerin: moisturizing) *reduce fine lines around eyes caused by drying. *efficiency evaluation tested Has a comforting Bouquet de Fleurs aroma which has a sense of class. Take about a rice size of the product on a fingertip and blend to the eye area. No print price. 15g

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