Deodorant Foot Cream / Ag DEO24
Deodorant Foot Cream / Ag DEO24
Deodorant Foot Cream / Ag DEO24
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Ag DEO24


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This foot cream eliminates bacteria that causes odors in your toes. This cream prevents musty feet, keeping them smooth and pleasantly dry. For those who crave comfortable skin regardless of time and place. Features a powerful stay-on formula, and comes in a directly-applying type to deliver its properties thoroughly. Active ingredient IPMP* disinfects and prevents bacteria that cause odors in your feet. It is fast-drying, and prevents musty feet**. It prevents distinct odors of the feet. It also contains keratin care ingredients to moisturize your soles. It provides a 24-hour care for a comforting treatment. This is a medicated cream that promotes smooth feet that never smell. *Active ingredients: IPMP (isopropyl methylphenol) **Sweat absorption powder / zinc oxide, chlorohydroxy aluminum (antiperspirant)

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