Heat Protect Arrange Spray / PROSTYLE FUWARIE
Heat Protect Arrange Spray / PROSTYLE FUWARIE
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Hair Styling Products

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This hair set spray for hair irons protects your hair from the damage caused by high heat (over 180℃) and keeps your hair style throughout the day. It dries quickly and dispenses without any loud sounds, for a quick, easy hair styling process. Usable both before and after using your hair iron, keeping gloss and softness that lasts the entire day. Formulated with a gloss nourishing ingredient that works from the inside, as well as argan oil that coats the hair, restoring shine that is damaged by high heat both internally and externally. The amino acid-based damage repairing ingredients work together with arrange-keep ingredients, setting your hairstyle beautifully by taking advantage of the heat. It controls moisture, and prevents ultraviolet rays. Scented with roses and white florals.

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