Head Spa (Salon Touch Type) EH-HE99 / Panasonic
Head Spa (Salon Touch Type) EH-HE99 / Panasonic
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    Head Spa (Salon Touch Type) EH-HE99

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It is a brush that you can enjoy your favorite head spa while shampooing by combining 4 modes and 2 brushes. With a hard type "Scrape brush" and an ordinary type "Normal brush," you can experience a head spa with different feelings. In total hair mode, it has "four finger spiral" which recreates the hand technique used in the head spa salon on your scalp. With a sense of lifting while moving the scalp, it leads to soft and healthy skin. In Scraping mode, the rotation mode moves the scalp strongly and cleans it thoroughly. In addition, the movement matches the part of the scalp with parietal mode and temporal mode. It is a waterproof type that can be used in the bath and is equipped with a charging notification function. Can be used domestically and overseas.

  • Head Spa (Salon Touch Type) EH-HE99
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