Body Fresh Powder <Milano Collection 2018> / Kanebo
Body Fresh Powder <Milano Collection 2018> / Kanebo
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Limited edition. Body powder that gently wraps your skin with an elegant scent and a relaxing feeling. It is familiar on the skin, naturally blends out dullness and fine wrinkles, giving a natural brightness to the decollete and the neck. Even if you use plenty on the whole body, it won't fade and smudge, or have a powdery finish. In addition, it combines sweat / sebum absorption powder with a plate-structured particles. It helps refine the texture of the skin and control oily shine, so your skin stays smooth and comfortable. The scent uses natural aroma oil extracted from a large amount of flowers and roots, for a refined and rich fragrance without them mixing. In 2018, it has a blend of essential oils of scarce yuzu (sprout, flowers) from the Kikusa village of Tokushima Prefecture which has freshness and depth. Has a Shine Floral Fruity fragrance that is fresh and elegant.

  • Body Fresh Powder <Milano Collection 2018>
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