Pearl White Original Whitening Toothbrush / Beauty Labo
Pearl White Original Whitening Toothbrush / Beauty Labo
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Biken corporation


Beauty Labo




Oral Care

Product Description

Recommended by Japan brush industrial cooperatives. Pearl white original is not commercially available. Small head to fit in the mouth. The unique long bristles adheres to the tooth surface, and it brushes the teeth smoothly with minimum force. Every bristle is for whitening only. Has diamond-shaped white bristles. It fits perfectly on the tooth surface where it stains easily and efficiently removes dirt. With its own long bristles it has an optimum design that is easy to brush without putting in force. A toothbrush developed for healthy and white teeth. We recommend that you use in conjunction with "medicinal pearl white Pro EX". Normal type.

  • Pearl White Original Whitening Toothbrush
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