refree on / ECLEAR
refree on / ECLEAR
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2 shades. "ECLEAR refree on", a thermal low-frequency therapy device that can perform both thermal therapy of up to 42 degrees, which is as hot as a hot spring and low frequency treatment of reaching up to 1200 Hz with one product. Select from 3 courses of "Thermal Course", "Low Frequency Course" and "Low Temperature Low Frequency Course". In "Thermal Course" it relieves the stiffness and pain of various parts such as shoulders, lower arms, back, buttocks, calves, which could come from cold and daily fatigue. At the time of stomach disorders, you can apply it to the stomach to treat it. It has a fast warming function that quickly reaches up to 40 degrees in about 5 minutes. "Low-frequency course" provides a genuine massage at the maximum frequency of 1200 Hz. It is equipped with a total of five modes including "Shiatsu," "kneading," "tapping," "random" and "deep Shiatsu" mode that effectively eases pain and neuralgia. The intensity of massage can be adjusted in 10 levels. The main body is about 100 g so you can put it in your pocket as it is lightweight with a compact design. Can be used more than 10 times with one recharging with a USB charger. The gel pad can be washed with water and used about 300 times repeatedly.

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