iP.Shot Advanced / DECORTÉ
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Milk Lotion & Serum

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Renewed. A high-functioning anti-wrinkle serum that is effective on the eye and mouth area for reducing present wrinkles and promoting better skin in the future. Features the iP-Solution AD*. Infused with a new base formula that turns into a balm consistency when mixed with the toner. The rich, concentrated formula instantly blends into the skin and adheres firmly to wrinkles like a mask while the beauty components penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Provides an uplifting suppleness with reduced wrinkles for skin that is bright and glowing with radiance. Promotes bright, glowing and energized skin without showing any signs of aging such as the decrease in suppleness, dewiness, and hydration. A comforting fragrance of the gentle and pure notes of citrus, green, woody, blended with a glamorous, floral chypre scent. Allergy tested (results may vary). *Wrinkle niacin (wrinkle reducing active component), rice germ oil, Isodonis Japonicus Leaf extract (1) marine plant extract (5) hydrolyzed black bean extract, rich glycerin (hydration) infused.

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