Barrier Oil / &be
Barrier Oil / &be
Barrier Oil / &be
Barrier Oil / &be
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Milk Lotion & Serum
Special Hair Care
Daily Body Care

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Leaves rough, dry skin soft and moisturized. This moisturizing oil was developed by Yusuke Kawakita to protect the skin from damage caused by dryness. It supports the skin's moisture barrier and leaves the skin refreshed and soft. It can be used on the hair, face, and body as an emollient and protectant. The oil wraps around the skin and forms a barrier, blocking damage from dryness and irritants. Enjoy skin that is soft and fully moisturized, with firmness and radiance. Skin calming and conditioning ingredients help keep the skin healthy. Has a refreshing herbal orange scent made with a base of natural orange and lavender fragrances. Contains no surfactants, mineral oil, silicone, ethanol, parabens, synthetic color, or synthetic fragrance. Patch-tested, allergy-tested.

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