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Revamped. Spring limited edition This is a sakura face mask *1 containing Sakura leaf extract from Japanese Somei Yoshino. It hydrates the skin and leads to a naturally luminous skin like cherry blossom petals. The sheet mask is soaked into a gel essence that is highly moisturizing but doesn’t feel greasy that provides instant moisture penetration * 2. Tinysome 3 has a diameter that is 1/5 smaller than conventional permeation 2 components, and helps to make other beauty components penetrate*2 quickly into the skin. The sheet is made with 100% organic pulp and plant-based fiber. The ultra thin sheets woven by the water jet manufacturing method contain plenty of serum and adheres to the skin so and stays put. For beautiful skin that is dyed in cherry blossom color, and elegant translucency. A skin-friendly formula that contains no parabens, alcohol, mineral oils, coloring or fluorescent agents. *1 Yoshino cherry leaf extract (moisturizing ingredient) *2 To the stratum corneum *3 A combination of lecithin, polysorbate 80 and tocopherol acetate

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