root vegetable face mask (nameko mushroom) / @cosme nippon
root vegetable face mask (nameko mushroom) / @cosme nippon
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This is an everyday face mask made for sensitive skin that features the stringy consistency of nameko mushrooms. Nameko mushrooms have a stringiness and are said to have 6 times the moisturizing power and 2.5 times the moisturizing effect than hyaluronic acid. This is the super moisturizing type sheet mask that leaves the skin super soft until the next morning. Suitable for those who have stinging sensitive skin. Made with 100% pure cotton made in Japan. The cotton used in the masks are not bleached. There may be some yellow or black areas on the cotton but they are the seed, leaves and root of the cotton and will not irritate the skin.

  • root vegetable face mask (nameko mushroom)
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