Aqua UV R / HACCI 1912
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HACCI 1912




Sun Protection
Primer & Concealer

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This sun protective lotion and makeup base provides powerful UV protection in addition to guarding the skin against air pollution, treating and locking in moisture, so your skin can make it through every season of the year. Its light, fresh texture uses a 3D stretch gel that moves with the skin, covering uneven textures and helping your makeup look better and last longer. Contains highly moisturizing honey*1, yuzu extract rich in natural fruit ceramide and other ingredients*1 that trap moisture in the outer layer of the skin with a moisture magnet*2. Job's tears extract*1 and eelgrass seaweed extract*1 leave the skin firm and translucent. Made to focus on environmental stress*4 and daily care to stay ahead of signs of aging. Has a fresh, elegant white floral fragrance. Can also be used as a makeup base. *1 Moisturizing ingredient *2 Moisturizing isomerized sugars *3 Anti-aging refers to care for aging skin *4 Caused by UV exposure, dryness, and other external factors

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