Akoya Pearl Mask (Care Cream Included) / AG Ultimate
Akoya Pearl Mask (Care Cream Included) / AG Ultimate
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AG Ultimate




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This face mask contains a stem cell care cream formula. Provides intensive care for problems around the eye and mouth area. Contains luxurious cosmetic ingredients like Akoya pearl extract from Ehime and Uwajima, a-arbutin, Pinus pinaster bark extract, apple cell culture extract, flavangenol, and more. Akoya pearl extract and plant-based cosmetic ingredients restore moisture and condition the skin for softness and translucency. Uses 100% Cupro sheet material. Cupro is a natural plant-based fiber made from cotton fibers remaining on the cotton plant after harvest, creating a breathable, thin, transparent material. It is highly absorbent, adheres to the skin well, and allows liquid to transfer easily to the skin.

  • Akoya Pearl Mask (Care Cream Included)
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