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    sparkling oil refresh cleansing & shampoo

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Le ment




Shampoo & Conditioner
Special Hair Care

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Limited quantity. Limited release only available during the summer. A foaming scalp cleanser and a non-silicone, carbonated oil shampoo line. Highly concentrated carbonic acid and rare oils create a rich lather that cleans away impurities from the hair and scalp after damage caused by perms, colorings, and age, all while locking in moisture for a healthy scalp and smooth hair. Contains 12 plant extracts and oils like argan oil, hydrolyzed keratin (sheep's wool) for hair repair, Lipidure® and fullerenes for moisture, along with summer limited edition ingredients. Helps keep the scalp comfortable and free from excess oil, odor, and dryness caused by UV damage and air conditioning during the summer. Amino acid-based cleansers wash off smoothly. Uses natural mint for freshness you can feel. Has a fresh and elegant citrus mint fragrance.

  • sparkling oil refresh cleansing & shampoo
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