FPP Powder / Fujiko
FPP Powder / Fujiko
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Special Hair Care
Special Hair Care
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Renewed. This is the new and improved version of the Fujiko FPP Powder. With the same sebum absorbing and root lifting properties, the new version has even more moisturizing and deodorizing power. Now formulated with components that are skin and hair friendly. Simply tap it onto the hair or skin for instantly lifted, silky hair and odor-free skin. (The fragrant suppresses unwanted odor. Results may vary.) This product can be used for any occasion such as when you want to get rid of oiliness and odor from your hair and scalp, before putting on a hat that makes the hair flat, for reviving the bounciness in the roots during the evening, or when you want to diminish odor in areas such as the underarms, feet or delicate areas. Also great to apply the hairline, the back of the neck, and other areas that tend to get sweaty.

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