The Regenerating Serum / De La Mer
The Regenerating Serum / De La Mer
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La Mer Technology


De La Mer




Milk Lotion & Serum

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Reformulated. A fresh serum that revitalizes the skin’s natural beauty to promote a soft, hydrated condition. Features DE LA MER’s signature Miracle Broth ™ complex inspired by the renewing powers derived from marine plants. It helps maintain healthy skin and keeps them glowing with moisture. The Marine Plant Stem Ferment*2 refines the skin and promotes a youthful, smooth and glowing complexion. It also features the Energy Suspension Technology that delivers the product evenly and seamlessly deep into the stratum corneum. *1 DE LA MER’s originally developed moisturizing component made from Giant Sea Kelp (marine plant) *2 Skin conditioning complex made of stem cells (Eryngium maritimum extract, glutathione, niacin amide)

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