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A Japanese mochi rice pack blended with cherry blossoms. Made with Mocchi Skin's unique ingredient, "Junpaku Mochi Shizuku," a mochi rice extract made from koganemochi grown in Niigata Prefecture. Also contains Iwate Prefecture's famous Yaezakura extract and a blend of enzymes with sake lees. Combined with enzymes, clay, and honey, the quality-controlled rice germ oil, rice ferment filtrate, rice bran oil, and other ingredients form an original blend. The firm, smooth pack stays in place on the skin, removing dead skin cells that contain melanin to leave the skin radiant, translucent, and refined. Washes off to leave the skin surprisingly bouncy and soft. It washes off to leave the skin firm and full, like freshly made mochi.

  • Mocchi SKIN Absorbent Face Mask SK
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