Personalized Hair Color COLORIS / COLORIS
Personalized Hair Color COLORIS / COLORIS

    Personalized Hair Color COLORIS

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Experience a personalized hair-dying regimen with professional, salon-like results in the comfort of your own home. Complete your online counseling by answering 11 questions to create your very own formula from a range of 10,000 possible combinations. A solution that balances color, bleaching power and damage control to minimize stress while promoting a beautiful color that lasts. This kit features all of the tools you need for a hair coloring procedure, allowing you to achieve a fuss-free, quality results that a professional salon would provide. The set includes a pair of gloves, comb, cape, cap and ear covers with every purchase (the cup is only included in the first kit). The treatment is made using the same ingredients as the formulas used in salons. Subscription purchase: 3,980 yen. 【Set Contents】 ・Color Base 80ml ・Color Developer 80ml ・Treatment 30g (3 days worth) ・Gloves ・Comb ・Cape ・Cup (first purchase only) ・Ear covers

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