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  • the medicated cleansing balm BARRIER
the medicated cleansing balm BARRIER / DUO
the medicated cleansing balm BARRIER / DUO
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    the medicated cleansing balm BARRIER

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Premier Antiaging






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This is a quasi-drug cleansing balm made for sensitive skin. The medicated active ingredient stearyl glycyrrhetinate functions as an anti-imflamatory component. It combats weakened barriers that tend to get damages by gently cleansing the skin as it strengthens the barrier functions to protect the skin from stress. It features an original cushion and water retention formulation and a blend of elastic capsules of different sizes that are not included in the other DUO cleansing balm series. The 2 types of capsules fit into the surface of dry skin to remove any causes of stress (impurities from makeup and PM2.5) without causing any friction. Formulated with an original blend of medicinal ingredients, rice bran oil and corn-derived sugar that condition and protect the skin. Patch tested on sensitive skin, stinging tested (does not gurantee all users to not experience any allergic reactions or irritation).

  • the medicated cleansing balm BARRIER
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