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Revamped. Refresh your skin and mood with a comforting sensation. This is a upgraded version of the mask that comes out every year during the summertime. Let the tropical fragrance take you to an imaginary vacation. The fresh, gel serum is formulated with more than 10 types of moisturizing ingredients that deliver hydration to the skin and prevents irritation and a balanced skin condition. It also contains cooling ingredients such as menthol and methyl lactate for double cooling effect. The new moisturizing and instant penetrating*1 "Tinysome*2", it seeps in quickly into the skin to complete the treatment in 10 minutes. Contains no paraben, alcohol, mineral oil, coloring or fluorescent dyes. *1 To the stratum corneum *2 A component with a combination of lecithin, polysorbate 80, and tocopherol acetate.

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