HIN Moisture I-F Gel (Flavonegel) / HIN Acnes Labo
HIN Moisture I-F Gel (Flavonegel) / HIN Acnes Labo
7,000JPY (Excluding Tax)

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Acnes Labo


HIN Acnes Labo


50g 7,000JPY


Milk Lotion & Serum

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This ceramide gel protects sensitive and problem skin. Contains isoflavones (moisture retention), fullerene (active oxygen removal), collagen, sodium hyaluronate, and CoQ10. It promotes a complete cellular turnover and healthier skin. Its luxurious beauty ingredients sink into every part of the outer layer of the skin to moisturize it. It prevents skin roughness and dryness, keeping your skin hydrated. It prevents age spots & freckles. Contains no added fragrance or color.

  • HIN Moisture I-F Gel (Flavonegel)
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